We made up a small selection of special offers for you, which will transform your stay into a special experience:

Volcano flat rate Two nights of tranquility and recovery with delightful dishes in Schloss Gedern More information
Feast + Enjoy A super comfy arrangement for one night of recklessness, relief and indulgence. A royal overnight stay, four-course-gourmet-menu, wine pairing, coffee and breakfast in the morning. More information
Enjoy your sunday! A special treatment just for sundays – let yourself get indulged. You are resting in one of your our comfort-rooms, feasting in our restaurant in the evening and let your stay come to a pleasant end by having breakfast. More information
Trial offer You can test a night-over in our castle! Have a beautiful evening with one of our delightful 3-course-menus. As a welcoming apperitif we will serve you a glass of sparkling wine. After a relaxing night, you can start your day right with a healthy breakfast in the morning.